Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs, Upgrades and Engineered Installed Services

When working with complex blueprints to meet town requirements, it pays to have an engineer manage your home’s structural repairs. From sagging roofs to missing supports in the basement, we can meet your needs.

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Adding insulation to your attic?  You may need to upgrade your roof rafters first.  Older homes were designed to melt the snow load.  That new insulation will allow more snow build up on your roof that could lead to a failure.

Just some of the structural repairs we have made

  • Re-frame roof rafters from inside of attic because of failure or undersized
  • Add walls and beams in attic to support roof rafters
  • Add a beam over 16′ garage door
  • Add footings, columns, and beams in the basement or crawlspace
  • Removal of deck support to gain view from walk out basement