Universal Design & ADA Remodeling

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We offer complete design build services for the universal design or Accessible Living market.

What is Universal Design? Or “Visit-Ability”

Universal Design will accommodate people at all stages of  life.  Examples are single floor living, on grade entrance, low curb or curb free showers.

What is “Visit-Ability”?  Its the ability of friends and family to visit you at all stages of their lifes and yours.  Can they get in to the home?  Can they get to the guest bedroom?  Can they use the shower?  Universal design will let you get the most from your home and provide a welcoming and safe place for family and friends.  Let us know how we can help you!

ADA Remodeling

Burke Construction is skilled in the installation of ADA or handicap accessible necessities.  Some examples are sunken or roll in showers, hoist integration, elevator shafts, grab bars, and ramps.  We also are capable of creating whole room drains where the entire bathroom and shower are  integrated and water proof.

      Image result for handicap bathroom with entire room is waterproof           Image result for schluter linear drain pictures